Whale Watermaster Intelligent Control Pump – High Flow 12v

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Whale Watermaster with Easi-Push plug and Intelligent Control. Intelligently controls the submersible pump for trouble-free operation and peace of mind.

Eliminates the pump pulsating at high voltages and stops the pump running continuously at low voltages. Detects when the water container has run dry and turns pump off, protecting and prolonging the submersible pump. Prolongs battery life.

Compatible with Whale Watermaster Exterior Socket (with integrated pressure switch) ES6001

NOT COMPATIBLE WITH: In-Line pressure Switch System WU7207. Compatible with a Whale Watermaster pressure switch socket and a Whale Watermaster High-Flow pump only.

In stock

Additional Information

Whale Watermaster intelligent control (IC) high flow pump 12v

Easi-Push plug high flow water pump

Watermaster IC pump controller

Intelligently controls your submersible pump, eliminates pulsating water flow and fluctuating pressure

Detects when the water container has run dry and turns pump off protecting submersible pump, helping lengthen battery life

Removes need for surge dampers

Built-in fault diagnostics system. Service free, one-step calibration process

Voltage/ Voltage Range: 9.5 v d.c to 14.5 v d.c

Flow Rate p/m: 15.8 lts 3.8 amps (0m), 14.8 lts 3.7 amp (1m), 12.8 lts 3.5 amp (3m)

For use with Whale Watermaster sockets with built in pressure switch. NOT compatible with Inline pressure switch systems.

Weight: 550g

1 year warranty

Technical Specification

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