Whale Expanse Onboard Water Heater – SETWL8202A



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Old part number – WW0801OC. New part number – SETWL8202A

Whale work in partnership with caravan and motorhome manufacturers to provide end-users with innovative products and professional support services. For Whale’s heating system range, weight and space saving, practicality and of use and ease of installation are central considerations in this process.

Expanse features a high efficiency pre-mixed burner and direct heat exchanger located inside the water tank designed to maximise heat transfer to heat water faster than any other Whale model.

Expanse can be run on electric only, gas only or using both combined. When installed with Whale’s iVan® Wireless Touch Screen Control Panel, the user can run the water heater and space heater independently or together as required, and can programme up to 3 timers so that hot water is available any time day or night.

The Whale Expanse Water Heater has been designed for camper van, caravan, motorhome and mobile applications, and is suitable for small and medium sized recreational vehicles only.

*NOTE: All Whale Water Heaters must be installed and serviced by a fully qualified gas engineer in accordance with the appropriate installation instructions

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Additional Information

The Whale Expanse Onboard Water Heater is a gas and electric storage water heater. The unique design has an 8 litre capacity hot water tank which incorporates versatile controls to deliver low current draw or fast heat up settings. With robust insulation and no removable flue cover, the Whale Expanse Water Heater only requires minimal maintenance.

  • Easy to access
  • Can be run on gas and/or electricity
  • Winter protection
  • External gas connections
  • Underside flue connector
  • Has an 8 litre capacity water tank
  • Easy mounting option
  • Robust design
  • Superior insulation

Fitting space required: 214mm x 60mm x 81mm


Whale Expanse installation instructions

Whale’s information for van conversions

The Whale Expanse onboard water heater also comes in an underfloor option (WW0801UC) for even more space saving.

Kit contains: water heater, braided hose, instruction manual including installation templates and warranty registration card



Technical Specification

Additional information

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