Whale Expanse Heater Overheat Stat – AK1282

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Whale original replacement part for Expanse heater overheat stat

In stock

Additional Information

Whale original replacement part for Expanse heater overheat stat – part number AK1282

Fits: DW0801UR, DW8202OR, DW8212UR, IW0801OC, IW0801UB, IW0801UR, IW8212UR, SETWW0821A, SETWW0821D, SETWW0821E, SETWW0821F, WW0801OC, WW0801UB, WW0801UC, WW0801UR, WW0821OC, WW0821UB, WW0821UC, SETWL8201A, SETWL8211A, SETWL8202A, SETWL8212A, WL8202OR, WL8212UR, SETWL8211D, SETWL8211E, SETWL8212D, SETWL8201D, SETWL8211F, SETWL8211G, SETWL8212E, SETWL8212F

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