Truma UltraFlow Replacement ‘O’Rings (4)

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How to know which set of rings to use?

Check the inside of the pistol grip to see if there is a number ‘2’ above the letters ‘ABS’. If yes then you will need to use the smaller pair of rings. If No you will need to use the larger pair of rings.

In stock

Additional Information

The Truma replacement ‘O’ Ring kit compatible with the Truma ultraflow water pump.

This pack of 4 ‘O’ Rings comes with two different sized pairs to accommodate the two available inlets. While the 4 rings may look very similar, two are slightly larger in diameter size and the thickness of the rubber itself. The smaller two are only fractionally smaller in diameter and thickness.

This pack of 4 ‘O’ Rings includes a small instruction diagram to help with the quick and easy replacement of old worn seals for a secure connection.

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