Thetford C250/C260 Toilet Fresh-up Kit

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The Thetford Toilet Fresh-Up Kit is the perfect, money-saving option for keeping your toilet looking and working as good as it did when you first got your van.

If your toilet is starting to look tired or your cassette tank is starting to show signs of age, a whole, brand new toilet unit could cost you hundreds of pounds! Save yourself some money and replace your cassette and toilet seat with the ‘Fresh-Up’ Kit.

Revive your Thetford C250/C260 caravan toilet with this fresh-up set. Containing everything you need to bring your Thetford C250/C260 back to life. This is a great way to maintain a high level of sanitation within your caravan. Contains waste holding tank and toilet seat.

Thetford Part Number – 9339362

In stock

Additional Information

Fresh-Up Kit for Thetford Caravan Toilet C250/C260

Thetford Part Number – 9339362

  • Accent colour waste-holding tank: Orange
  • Model: Swivel bowl
  • Seating width: 379 mm
  • The set includes: Seat, cover and waste-holding tank with wheels

The C250 toilet has a tall cassette with orange accents.

Technical Specification

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