Thetford Aqua Rinse Pink Concentrated Toilet Flush – 750ml

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Aqua Rinse Pink Concentrated for the flush tank, used to keep the flush water clean and to improve flushing.

A highly effective concentrated, fresh smelling fluid for the flush water tank of your cassette and portable toilet.


In stock

Additional Information

750ml Thetford Aqua Rinse CONCENTRATED = 1.5L Aqua Rinse Plus
• Use 50ml per 15 litre of flush tank capacity
• Convenient small bottle.
• Septic Tank Safe (Thetford anaerobic biodegradability test)
• Safe for both plastic and ceramic toilet bowls.
• Prevents limescale build-up in your flush water tank
• Keeps your toilet bowl shinier
• Ensures a more effective and smoother flush
• Fresh lavender smell at each flush
• Lubrication action makes the blade of the waste holding tank easier to open and close

Frequency of use: Each time the flush water tank is refilled.

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