Solbio Organic Camping Toilet Fluid for Chemical Toilets

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The perfect all-rounder for your mobile toilet and sanitary facilities on board your caravan or motorhome.

This organic toilet fluid, made exclusively from natural ingredients is the perfect environmentally friendly alternative for portable toilets.

Made with organic coconut oil soap, plant extracts, citric acid, essential oils of eucalyptus, mint and pine oil.

1.6L pouch

In stock

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Solbio Organic toilet fluid for chemical toilets:

• 100% biodegradable
• 100% natural without detergents or dyes
• Up to 40 doses
• No enzymes
• No bacteria
• Suitable for use in septic tanks and bio filtration systems
• Suitable for vegans

1.6L pouch

Waste Tank: works hard in the waste tank, turning the contents into liquid and preventing unpleasant smells and gas formation.
Flush water tank: prevents the formation of black particles and keeps your tank and toilet fresh and clean.

Wastewater tank: use Solbio in the wastewater tank to prevent unpleasant smells and keep the tank free of grease deposits.

Self-cleaning: Removes lime and urine stains without affecting the toilet.

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