Kampa Ice-Pack 220ml

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Keep your food and drinks cool during your outdoor adventures with the Kampa Ice-Pack 220ml. This portable ice pack is perfect for travelling, beach trips, RV excursions, fishing, camping, and hiking. With a single compartment and a capacity of 220ml, it is made from durable plastic and comes in a striking blue colour. The Kampa Ice-Pack 220ml is a must-have for any camping or hiking trip. It is suitable for a variety of outdoor activities and is designed to keep your food and drinks cool for longer periods of time. This ice pack is easy to carry and can be stored in your backpack or cooler. Get yours now and enjoy a refreshing drink on your next adventure!

In stock

Additional Information

220ml Ice-Pack HDPE

Non-Flowing Gel 220ml

110 x 15 x 165 mm

Ideal for use with cool boxes keeping food colder for longer.

Technical Specification

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