Electrosan Hand Sanitizer Antiseptic Spray 100ml

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Protect yourself with Electosan Hand Sanitizer!

100ml Bottle of Electrosan Antiseptic spray is ready to use and effective against bacteria, viruses, yeast, mould and spores.

Clinically proven sanitation killing 99.9999% of germs in only 12 seconds. Kills enveloped viruses such as Influenza and Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Antiseptic spray is skin safe and can be used around the eyes, ears, mouth and hands.


In stock

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Additional Information

Approved by the European Biocidal Products Directive

Compliant with British Standards 1276, 1650, 1040, 13697 & 13704

Only 12 seconds to kill 99.9999% germs

Technical Specification

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