Colapz Metal Support Pegs for Waste Pipe – Pack of 10

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Colapz Flexi waste pipe support pegs are designed to support the Colapz Flexi waste pipes or any standard flexible or rigid grey waste pipes.

The Pegs may be positioned to create a gentle slope which will allow the waste water to drain away efficiently and exactly where you want it to go.

Supplied in packs of ten, the 5mm galvanised metal pegs are 30cm in length and may be pushed into the ground to the height required to form a gentle slope.

Comes with a drawstring carry bag for easy storage.

In stock

Additional Information

Colapz metal support pegs for the extendable waste pipe

  • 10 pegs per pack – 30cm length
  • Made from 5mm galvanised metal, so super strong and durable for soft or hard ground.
  • Includes drawstring carry bag with a reinforced bottom, to keep them together when not in use
  • Great to allow you to adjust the height, position & direction of your Colapz flexi waste pipe kit (SKU 80030) or any standard rigid or flexible waste pipes
  • (Not the rock peg type)

Technical Specification

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