COLAPZ Collapsible Watering Can and Bucket – Blue

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COLAPZ products are cleverly designed to collapse to help save space.

Whatever you’re up to, the Colapz Watering Can and Bucket will come in handy. You can take it camping or caravanning or put it in the garden to keep refreshments chilled at a garden party. If you’re planning a trip to the beach, take it with you, or utilise it to top up water tanks while you’re on the road. With all these uses, it’s an invaluable piece of equipment to have.

The Colapz Watering Can and bucket is perfect for all your storage needs. It’s made from food grade material, ensuring that it’s safe for dispensing liquids. You can take water straight from a tap and store in the dispenser until you need it with no risk of leaks. The joints are even electronically welded together for extra strength and security. The collapsible watering can is also UV resistant, keeping it from drying out or fading in summer, and frost-proof too. It won’t stain either and it’s designed to last. Thanks to the unique twistable and collapsible design, this piece of kit can serve multiple functions.

It comes with a cap to turn it into a handy bucket and a three-piece attachment to allow it to be used as a watering can. All the components can be stored in the base, ensuring that nothing gets lost in transit.

In stock

Additional Information

The Colapz watering can and bucket gives you the option of using it as a watering can or bucket.

There is a 7 litre capacity as a watering can (9 litres as a bucket).

Lightweight & very durable.

Perfect for topping up water tanks on caravans and motorhomes.

Made from BPA free food grade materials.

Collapsible – great for storing when camping and in caravans and motorhomes

It has electronically welded joints for extra strength.

Silicone retaining strap to keep the product collapsed.

Full size: 27 x 22 x 22cm.

Collapsed size: 9 x 22 x 22cm

Technical Specification

Additional information

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