40Shot Loo-Tubes Toilet Sachets

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Handy Pink & Blue Toilet Fluid Sachets.

Containing 6 Blue 25ml sachets for dissolving waste and 2 Pink sachets 25ml to help eliminates unpleasant odours.

Ideal for portable toilets.

In stock

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40Shot Loo-Tubes contains:

6 x 25ml Blue toilet fluid for pouring into the toilet waste tank.

6 x 25ml Pink toilet fluid for adding to the toilet flush tank. If you don’t have a flush tank, just add the sachet to 1L of clean tap water in a proprietary trigger bottle to produce a daily toilet freshener spray.

Dissolves toilet waste and eliminates unpleasant odours

Built in water softener, effective in hard water areas

Long lasting fragrance

Easy rinse, non-staining dye

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