40 Shot BLUE Cassette Toilet Waste and Rinse 1Lt

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40 Shot Blue Cassette Toilet Waste and Rinse is for use with leisure portable toilets.

The biodegradable, pH neutral liquid, dissolves waste and eliminates unpleasant odours also has a long lasting fragrance and built in water softener.

We recommend using PINK Flush along with 40shot Cassette Toilet for a complementary service.

In stock

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40 Shot Blue cassette toilet waste and rinse:

Contains 40 doses, based on 20ml of concentrate added to a 19 litre waste tank and 5ml in an 8 litre flush tank

Dissolves waste and eliminates unpleasant odours. Leaves a long lasting fragrance

Built-in water softener so it is effective in hard water areas.

Easy rinse, non-staining dye; simply wash with water

Biodegradable and pH neutral, formaldehyde free

Empty the toilet every 3 days in normal temperature and more often in higher temperature

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